Have no friends

Some people have very few, if any, friends. Others only have friends online, or perhaps outside of school. It can be hard to have no friends, or if you only have friends outside school, for example. This can make you feel lonely. 

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Common to feel lonely

It's common to feel lonely if, for example, you're not feeling well, or if you don't share your thoughts and feelings with others. We humans need other people to feel good. 

Sometimes it can also feel like you don't have any friends, even though you really do.

It's good to remember that you may have other relationships that are also important. Maybe you have a great relationship with a teacher, mentor, your grandmother or your pet? Relationships can look different and still be important to you.  

It's common for friendships to come and go. But remember, just because friendships end or you don't have any friends right now doesn't mean you won't have them in the future. You can always talk to us at Tjejjouren West about these thoughts. We are here for you.