Feeling love can mean many different things. Often you feel strong, wonderful feelings for someone or something, such as a friend, family or pet. Love can also feel difficult and hard, especially if the feelings are not reciprocated.

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What is love?

Love is about feelings of compassion and caring. You can feel it for people, for yourself, for a cause, for an interest and many other things.

Love can be a wonderful thing and occupy a large part of our lives, but it can also be something that makes us very sad. Love can be reciprocal, meaning that the person you feel love for feels the same. But you can also be unhappily in love, that is, when you feel love for someone who doesn't feel the same back.

You have the right to feel love for whoever or whatever you want, as long as you don't hurt anyone else.

Most people feel love and strong feelings for several people and things throughout their lives. How love feels is different for different people. The feelings you feel are not linked to your gender or background.