Friends, family and love are important pieces of the puzzle but can also be tricky and difficult. Your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend can make you feel happy and joyful but at the same time they can make you feel insecure, angry or sad.

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All relationships, no matter who it's with, go up and down but it's important that it's more positive than negative. A good relationship means that you can trust each other, be honest and respect each other. Relationships can also look different with different friends or family. One friend you might always hang out with at school and you have super fun while another only at football or online.

Whether you have a friendship or a love relationship, it's important that it's on equal terms and that you feel good together. No one should do things against your will or things that make you feel bad. A relationship often changes over time and is something that you need to nurture and care for together.


Sexuality is an important part of people's lives, from their orientation and identity to what turns them on and makes them feel good. The vast majority of people at some point in their lives consider their sexual orientation and have questions related to sex.

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Love often means that we have very strong feelings for someone or something. It can feel wonderful and occupy a large part of our lives, but it can also feel difficult and be something that makes us very sad.

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Friendship is an important part of life and can make us feel very good. For some, having many friends is important, while for others it is not so important. Finding a best friend or a group of friends can be difficult and sometimes take a long time.

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A family can mean many things and look many different ways. Sometimes family makes us feel good, but sometimes it can also make life difficult.

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I wonder if I have to live with my mother if I don't want to. I just want to live with my dad?

You can choose to live with your father and hope that your mother will accept it. If your mother does not accept your choice, you can contact another adult at school or the social services in your municipality

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Hi I am 14 years old and will be 15 next year. I am dating a guy who is 18. Massa says it's illegal and I wonder if they are right? And what can happen then?

Your relationship itself is not illegal. However, because you are under 15, it is illegal for your boyfriend to have sexual intercourse with you. The Criminal Code states that anyone who has sexual intercourse or performs a similar act against a person under 15 years of age can be convicted of child rape.

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