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Here we have gathered downloadable material for you to spread the word about our activities. By supporting our work, you are also supporting young people living in vulnerability.

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By spreading information about Tjejjouren West's activities, we can provide support to more young people. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Please follow us there for more materials and campaigns.

Anyone seeking support from us is always anonymous, and we know that we are often the first point of contact for people who are feeling unwell, vulnerable or have a secret to tell. With us, the person seeking support can talk about anything - we meet young people on their terms.

We have digital packages that go out to clinics, schools and other businesses that want materials.

To take part, email: matilda.soderqvist@tjejjourenvast.se

Thank you for helping us reach more young people!

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Our reports

Every year we conduct surveys asking how girls and young women are doing. The results are then compiled in an annual report.

The surveys give us additional information about how our young people are doing, but also about their needs for support and help. Together with our interviews, this gives us a unique insight and knowledge of the target group.

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Activity reports

Tjejjouren West has a clear strategy and objectives. Our strategy runs for three years and is the basis for all our decisions.

Each year, reports and evaluations of our activities are prepared and adopted at the annual meeting of the Association in March.

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