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Today, Tjejjouren West has nearly 3,000 chat conversations per year and over 90 active volunteers. We meet those seeking support on their terms and often in conversations about violence, vulnerability and mental health. Our vision is an equal society where girls and young women have equal rights and good living conditions.

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Who are we?

Tjejjouren West is a feminist, democratic, non-partisan, non-religious and non-profit support and education organisation that provides online support via chat, email and mobile app.

Tjejjouren Väst was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organisation and has since its inception offered support and help to anyone who identifies as a girl. We also work preventively with awareness-raising activities.

Those who seek support from Tjejjouren West may be completely anonymous. We meet those seeking support on their terms and often in conversations about violence, vulnerability and mental illness. Those seeking support can talk about anything - which is why we have a solid foundation to stand on and a broad knowledge of girls' and young women's life situations.

Tjejjouren West's volunteers support, strengthen, make strategies visible and, if necessary, refer to other activities. Tjejjouren Väst always starts from the perspective of the child or young person. 

The chat room is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. During the Christmas and summer holidays, we have extended opening hours.

What do we do?

We have over 10 years' experience of supporting girls and young women, and educating adults about what young people are going through and what they need.

Every year, we run major campaigns or communication efforts to highlight the plight of girls and young women and to get the adult world to act. Through our annual surveys, we take stock of how young people are doing right now.

We also collaborate on an ongoing basis with other associations, companies, organisations, municipalities or regions that want to be trained by us, run campaigns or other communication activities with us, or carry out a project together.

The association works daily to raise awareness and improve the situation of children and young people, through advocacy, dissemination of information and community involvement. Our aim is to offer unbiased support where the person seeking support can be anonymous and put their experiences into words on their own terms. 

Today, Tjejjouren West has nearly 4,000 chat conversations per year, 90 active volunteers and four employees. We are a regional hotline in Västra Götaland and cooperate with all the region's municipalities.

The activities are mainly financed by the Advisory Board for Public Health and Social Sustainability VGR, government grants via the National Board of Health and Welfare and Social Resurs in the City of Gothenburg.

Region Västra Götaland

Tjejjouren Väst is the largest regional hotline in Sweden providing online support. We target anyone who identifies as a girl or young woman, primarily between the ages of 10 and 25.

Tjejjouren Väst collaborates with Region Västra Götaland and has a mission to offer equal support throughout the region and to spread our knowledge to all municipalities in the region.

We will actively work for a gender-equal society where girls and young women have equal rights and good living conditions. That's why we educate adults in different ways, to communicate how our young people are doing and what they need from us.

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We are always open to collaborate in different ways and with different actors. You are welcome to contact us whatever form of collaboration you have in mind.

We receive thousands of calls every year and have gained tremendous knowledge about young people's lives and well-being. We also carry out annual surveys aimed at young girls and women, which gives the association a great deal of knowledge about how young girls in Sweden are feeling today, what they lack and what they want.

No matter where you work or what your profession is, we can train, for example, your workplace, carers, adults working with young people in the area you need to strengthen. Find out more about the training and skills development we offer by clicking here.

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