Sleep tips

There are several things you can try to help your body sleep. What we do just before we go to bed can have a big effect on sleep.

Get help

Some things you can try yourself

For many of us, the days pass quickly and lots of things happen. It's usually only when we go to sleep that we get a moment with our own thoughts and feelings.

For many people, it is also in the evening that the difficult thoughts appear, that is, the thoughts that we may have tried to suppress during the day. Problems may arise that we feel we can't solve, or feelings that we don't know what to do with. We may feel stress, anxiety or worry. To help us slow down and relax, it can help to do different breathing exercises. You can find several in our Stella app.

-Change the screen light on your mobile
Mobile, computer and other screen lights make your brain think it's still daytime. Turning down the brightness of your screen, or activating the "night shift", will remove the bright light. Try doing this in the afternoon! 

-Don't eat too close to when you want to sleep
Eat a proper dinner, but preferably not too late in the evening! Food, sweets and energy drinks give your body more energy and then your body doesn't want to sleep - it thinks it's daytime! Try to eat at least two hours before you go to bed. 

-Listening rather than watching
Entertainment of various kinds affects our brain and its balance. Funny, exciting or scary things make it harder for the brain to slow down. The brain needs a moment to rest. Lights and images get the brain going. Try listening to an audiobook or podcast instead. And nothing too exciting. Maybe even something a little boring?

-Foods to avoid before sleeping
Food, sugar and caffeine are super-energy! Try not to eat or drink caffeine and sugar, such as energy drinks, soft drinks and sweets, at least three hours before you want to sleep.

-Take a shower
A hot shower before going to sleep is an example of a good thing to do to signal to your body that the day is over. You can try thinking that you are washing away all the thoughts and stresses of the day that have been when you are in the shower. 

-Fresh air and darkness often help
If you can, try letting fresh air into the room before you go to sleep. The body likes to sleep cool and preferably not in too many clothes. 

The body also likes to sleep in the dark, so it knows it's night! If you have the TV on, turn down the lights as much as you can. Or maybe just hearing the sound is enough.

Sometimes you may need more support

If you feel you can't manage your sleep on your own, there is help available!

Sometimes you may need the help of a youth clinic or health centre to help you get your sleep back on track. 

Remember that you deserve to feel good. Don't be afraid to ask for help!