Sleep is often linked to how you feel, both in body and mind. Everyone sleeps poorly at times and that's fine, but if the lack of sleep is affecting your life for a long time, you may need help to sleep better.

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Difficult to sleep

There are many different things that can affect sleep. But often sleep is linked to our state of well-being and if we feel unwell, we are likely to sleep less well.

How we feel spills over into other areas of our lives, such as sleep. Stress or anxiety can often make it harder to sleep. For example, stress puts our bodies on edge and makes it hard to slow down and relax. 

We can also sleep poorly because we drink a lot of energy drinks or eat a lot of sugar, for example. Using a mobile phone or tablet just before going to sleep can also make it take longer to fall asleep, as the screen light affects our brain and makes it harder to relax.

Not being able to sleep can become a vicious spiral and sleep can become something that causes stress or irritation. Sometimes we may need help from the youth clinic or health centre to get our sleep under control. 

But there are different things we can try to help us slow down and sleep better. Here are some tips and tricks to help you sleep better.