It is common to have questions and thoughts about who you are throughout your life, especially when you are young. Sometimes it can be difficult. That's when it can be helpful to talk to someone.

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Who am I?

Identity is a sense of who you are. It is one's personality, characteristics, opinions and thoughts. You also create your identity by discussing and sharing ideas with other people and by learning more about the world around you.

Many people find the teenage years difficult. You may feel sad one moment and then happy again the next. There may be fights with family and friends without really knowing exactly why. Questions like: Who am I? How does my family work? What do my friends think and what do I think? How do I fit in? are common questions to ask and seek answers to. This is part of growing up and finding yourself.

Sometimes it can be confusing. Maybe you start to question yourself at times in your life. If you feel these thoughts taking over your life, or if you feel sad and anxious, it may be a good idea to seek support and help. It may feel good to talk to someone you trust who can help you with your thoughts and feelings.