Theimpact of smoking

Smoking is not good for our bodies and our well-being. The whole body is damaged, especially the lungs. Smoking also has a negative effect on your body development. 

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How smoking affects the body

Some things happen pretty soon after you start smoking. For example, your teeth turn yellow, you start coughing and you can't walk or run like before. You also often get a sore throat and feel sick.

Nicotine is a toxic substance that can make us addicted. Smokers are at risk of injuries and diseases such as heart disease and lung cancer. Passive smoking also means that people who are around you when you smoke are affected and risk being harmed by breathing in the smoke. 

If you are pregnant and smoke, the toxic substances go directly to the baby in the stomach. This is serious and the baby can be seriously injured. It can be born prematurely or actually die in the womb.

If you have a problem with smoking, you can get help to quit. Contact a health centre or youth clinic, or talk to someone you trust!

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