Alcohol & Drugs


Many young people may find alcohol exciting and try drinking during their teenage years. They may think it's part of adolescence or there may be strong peer pressure to try it. Alcohol can also make you feel very bad, for example because you get too drunk or end up in bad situations.

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Why do people drink alcohol?

There are several reasons why someone drinks alcohol. For example, it is common for young people to try drinking because it is exciting or because of peer pressure. While there are those who try alcohol, there are also many who never drink.

Some people drink alcohol because they feel bad or to get their mind off things.

Alcohol can put you in difficult situations or damage your body. You can become dependent on alcohol and find it hard to live without it. 

There are many different types of alcohol, such as cider, beer, wine and spirits. Drinking alcohol can make you feel drunk. You can drink alcohol if you are 18 or over. This is to protect you as alcohol can harm you and your body.

It is forbidden to buy or sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

Anxiety the day after

Many people who drink alcohol end up in bad situations. This is often because we find it difficult to understand what is going on around us when we are drunk, because our bodies and brains don't work as well as usual.

Bad situations can be accidents, fights, or putting yourself in danger by falling asleep outside, for example. You may also do things you wouldn't otherwise do or really want to do, such as having unprotected sex.

The day after you drink, you may feel sick, have a headache or become nauseous. You may also feel sad or anxious.

Alcohol when you feel bad

It's common to drink alcohol to get your mind off the hard stuff. This is not a good reason to drink, as alcohol can increase anxiety and worry. It also increases your risk of becoming addicted.

Sometimes alcohol is used to dampen difficult emotions. You may be having a hard time at home, have been through something difficult or feel anxious. Drinking alcohol can make you feel better for a while, but when you sober up again, the anxiety is still there. Often anxiety gets worse if we ignore it for a long time.

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